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Tallit.com is the world’s most recognized source for a Jewish tallit & prayer shawl. We offer the Jewish Tallit for sale with a rigorous review of top quality, design, service and best of all price guarantee. As our specialty, we offer the most recognized selection for any Jewish tallit. Fast service with our guarantee of quality to be one hundred percent kosher by all orthodox standards. As tallit specialists we uniquely offer quality embroidery on your garment or tallit bag for that extra special touch and gift. Buy a Bar Mitzvah tallit, Bat Mitzvah tallit, Wedding tallit prayer shawl, or replace an old one with a fantastic selection of style and price tallit options that no one compares. We’ve organized our Jewish prayer shawls in departments for Men and Women in a large selection of subcategories to choose the right one suggested by gender. You can choose your preference of material in wool, cotton, acrylic, viscose, silk, organza, chiffon and other materials.

Tallit Fabric Selection

Our fabric selection is available in many colors and sizes to suite your style and occasion. From classic wool in Blue , Black and white stripes to Organza and Sheer for that delicate feminine look in popular colors of pink, purple, off white and more. Made with the highest quality of Kashrut standards, we offer blue ptil techelet strings, thick and thin tzizit string tying and custom embroidery on the tallit corner or bag. These options you’ll find under each product. When you purchase your tallit online you’ll be checking out from ahuva.com our sister company that allows all the features and options for your order.

Wearing Your Tallit Obligations:  Torah and Tying Options

Tallits are traditionally worn on weekday, Shabbat, and Holidays during the morning prayers. It is a specific Torah command to wear tzizit (fringes) on a four cornered garment, therefore all have 4 knotted fringes called tzizit that are tied on each corner. There are a few customs on how the tzizit are tied and we offer all options with our custom tying service. A classic talit is woven in wool and most carry a beautiful neckband called an “atarah” that may or may not feature the prayer to dawn the tallit. To assist in keeping your shawl on your shoulders without slipping, many people purchase a beautiful set of clips that neatly clip in front of the chest holding both section together over the shoulders.

In Numbers 15:39 we find the commandment to wear the tallis “and it shall be a tassle for you to look at and not spy after your own lust of heart and eyes. Covering ones head with the shawl is a way of focusing ones eyes and heart not to stray after ones lusts but to have kavanah (focus) on God. It is for this reason, if you plan on covering your head with the tallis you’ll need a larger size , generally 36″ to 55″ is recommended. The width of your talit from arm to arm remains generally the same between 64 to 75″ (standard 72”).

The Talit is our specialty. Browse for your Talit טלית of choice here. The Talit site that guarantees the best price on the widest selection of bags & talleisim. Buy a tallit katan, matching clips, an array of atarah neckbands, Bags, Tzitzit – 4 cornered tassled garment and Tefillin Phylacteries. You’ll find our prices, quality & service are un-matched. We guarantee it !

Black, Blue, Purple & Pink Color Options

Get the tallit color of choice when shopping for your tallit. Woven in Black tallit Blue tallitPink tallit , Purple tallit  your shawl can match almost any attire and color theme of your preference. Find Gabrieli Tallits to suite many of your base colors of preference in silk, wool or cotton.

Hand Tying Tzizit on your Tallit: Ashkenazic & Sephardic, techelet.

All our collection can be tied in the Sephardic tradition, coupled with our traditional middle eastern patterns and colors , we offer authentic sephardic tying of tzizit strings with and without techelet blue threads.

  • When wearing your shawl first inspect that the 4 cornered fringes are in tact otherwise you’ll be blessing a non valid talit which is reciting the name of god in vain while the mitzvah is not performed at all. If you have the blessing on the neckband (atarah) you may hold it in front of you and recite the blessing in Hebrew prior to wearing the shawl. The blessing can be seen here.

    Tallit Bracha. The Blessing over a tallit.

    Tallit Bracha. The Blessing over a tallit.

  • We often are asked about choosing a size. Your size is actually a personal preference. Most all prayer talits are 72″ to 80″ in width spanning across from arm to arm. The length down the back is where sizes vary. If you like to wear yours as a scarf draping over the shoulders, then size 18/72″ and 24/72″ are ideal. If you would like it going half way down your back then 28″ to 32″ is ideal. Larger sizes such as 36″ to 47″ are longer and on average will reach lower back to upper leg area. Size 50″ – 70″ are usually the largest and are well worn for those enjoying a prayer shawl down the length of one’s body and lifting the prayer shawl on either arm over the shoulders. Large sizes are common for the religious community and people who enjoy a royal look in wearing their prayer shawl. View a complete Sizing Chart and be sure to visit our learning center for the meaning & blessing. Classic style for Women and men are made of wool or a blend of materials with striping in Black, Navy, or White. Our classic tallaisim are machine made in Israel for quality and economic pricing. They are soft wool, dyed white, and vibrant feel and look on it’s striping. Designer ones come in wool, silk, Shiffon, and blended materials. The higher end prayer shawls are hand made by select artists and hence may take 1-3 weeks to complete depending on style. Fringes of the four corners are called tzitzit and worn as Talit Katan as well. Often you will have an option for thick vs. regular tzitzis or tzitzit. While not necessary, generally, the thicker tzitzit is simply a preference. They can be easier to last in a wash, and more tangible for holding in prayer. Techelet tzizit are turquoise colored strings that is commanded to be had 1 in 4 strings per corner. The bible commands that these Techelet strings be from a sea animal named “chilazon”. Over thousands of years, this sea creature was lost due to identification, and the common practice was to wear all white strings. Today, there has been a rebirth of the techelet dye with a sea creature that has been identified as the “Chilazon” by many authorities in Israel. Hence, we offer the only most authoritative Techelet strings available from Israel. These strings are known to slightly run in color in the wash, and it is recommended to hand wash.Finally, we offer an exclusive rich personalization by way of embroidery on all our classic bags as well as most of our designer theme and silk ones. Personalization can be done in Gold, Silver, Navy, or other preferred threads and can be sewn at the corner or across the middle to provide you with your unique tallis. Wear it in Good health ! Price – Selection – Value. Our commitment to you. Tallit.