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Tallis, and Tallesim

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We sell all the classic striped wood tallesim and tallis’s. The classic tallis is black wool striped but it’s also common in blue or white stripes. The askenazim generally wear black stripes while sephardim have a tendency today to buy a matt or shiney white striped on wool .

We tie tzitzis with every option , such as ashkenaz, sfard, arizal and we can custom sew a beautiful atorah to make it beautiful. Chosson’s talis for the chuppah and for  shabbos  Replace your tallis b’ hidur. We sew an atarah and tie tzitzis quickly and offer a matching velvet bag and tefillin bag to match. We ship from New York and Eretz Yisroel so we can send your order anywhere in the world.

Additionally we will sew an inner lining on the top if you wear it over your head. This is a protective lining from sweat and stain protecting your talis. As well, we have fancy bands of design material in matching white that can be sewn across the top, middle or bottom of the talis. It’s purely decorational and makes for a beautiful shabbos and weekday hidur of the mitzvah.